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Our Philosophy:
Small is Beautiful

Convinced that to give impetus to citizen initiatives it is necessary to be able to build collectively, the Petrović Njegoš Foundation has set itself the task of participating in the acceleration of ecological and social transitions, by making the link between the actors of change and by supporting sustainable and solidarity-based project leaders.

To achieve this, it leads and supports innovative actions in three areas of action: ecology, solidarity and culture. With nearly 10 years of experience in the Balkans, our foundation has been developing its action in France and Europe since 2020, positioning itself as a committed player in the fight and adaptation to climate change and in the development of a cohesive society.

Agenda 2030

Signatories of the United Nations Global Compact since 2019, we place our actions within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.

A territory favorable to the experimentation of environmental initiatives

13,500 km2, most of which have remained untouched, a long and beautiful history rooted in European history, this small state can become a “European laboratory for sustainable development”. It is to this beautiful and ambitious project that the Foundation wants to contribute with all those who have already been mobilizing for years to convince, defend, propose and act for this ecological project. It is not utopian to think that the ecological transition, which will have to take several decades for the large post-industrial countries, is more easily envisaged for a small state like Montenegro by 2020.

This is why we have taken as our motto the title of the English economist Ernst Friedrich Schumacher’s* book Small is Beautiful, the first great manifesto of ecology in the early 1970s. It is with the aim of promoting this project and to participate in its realization that the Foundation has put ecology at the heart of its activities. It proposes to work together with all those inside and outside Montenegro who want to build a greener Europe for a safer planet.

Declaration of the ecological state of Montenegro

We, members of the Parliament of the Republic of Montenegro, are aware that the protection of Nature, of the identity of the country in which we live and work, has become a foundation of our work. Convinced of our debt to Nature, source of health and inspiration for freedom and culture, we devote ourselves to its protection, for the love we have for our descendants and for the prosperity to come. We recognize that all of our differences are less important than changes in the environment in which we live. Regardless of our national, religious, political feelings and convictions, we are aware that the dignity and happiness of human beings are intrinsically linked with the fulfillment and purity of Nature. Man and the creation in him and around him are unique in their deep meaning. The abuses of Man have always been abuses against Nature. Our permanent struggle for human dignity will also be valid for the respect of Nature. By adopting this Declaration, Montenegro defines its respectful attitude towards Nature as an official state policy and asks all peoples to show wisdom in doing everything to avoid an ecological disaster.