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Our Story

The Petrovitch Njegosh Fondation was created in Montenegro after the Law on the Status of Heirs of the Petrovich Njegosh Dynasty was adopted. Pending a law specific to Foundations, it is registered there as an NGO. Since 2012, its actions have supported many citizens of Montenegro in difficulty. Hand in hand with Montenegrin institutions and NGOs as with European partners, PNF’s fights against global warming and poverty, promotes sustainable models and rural revitalization, on the scale of a small ecological state turned to Europe.

The Petrovitch Njegosh Foundation: a vision for the future

Faced with the state of the world – threats to life, climatic, social, democratic, migratory emergencies, which seize the whole planet – the search for solutions is neither a utopia, nor an empty promise. This quest is that of the Petrovich Njegosh Foundation, which supports the construction of a new Montenegro on the basis of sustainable development, equal opportunities, social and environmental responsibility, and the meeting of cultures. To break the dead ends that threaten our future, to reinvent the social, economic, technological and cultural models carrying the essential ecological transition, small countries like Montenegro lend themselves more quickly to innovate and to become the laboratories where the safeguarding terrestrial ecosystems and resources is elaborated. Driven by a global dynamic, the Petrovich Njegosh Foundation acts on a national scale to mobilize public opinion, encourage initiatives that combine ecology, economy, solidarity, culture, and participate in the emergence of a new sustainable system.

Motto: Small is Beautiful

Empires are born through violence and wars. Drunk with growth and supremacy, they perish one after the other in violence similar to that brought them. So goes humanity, in an endless race for greatness, to the detriment of life.

Montenegro is a small Balkan state which for several centuries was able to resist the great empires that clashed to dominate this part of Europe. It is natural that the FPN should choose Small is Beautiful as its motto: this slogan which seems written for the country, tribute to the economist E.F. Schumacher. It was with these words that he popularized his vision of a "society commensurate with man"; they guide the Petrovitch Njegosh Foundation in its deep desire to contribute to the paradigm shift that is imposed on all.

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A trio, a family: the commitment to inheritance

Nicolas Petrovitch Njegosh, architect in Paris, is the last descendant of the Montenegrin dynasty, exiled in France since 1918. In 1989 he was called as «crown prince» to return to Montenegro, on the occasion of the repatriation of the bodies of his ancestors, who died in exile. Very involved in the country since then, he created the Biennale of Cetinje during the period of the Yugoslav conflict and distinguished himself through his initiatives for peace, the environment, solidarity, culture, innovation. His children, Altinaï and Boris, very early expressed the desire to reconnect with their country of origin by participating in actions led by their father and then by the Foundation which they have run together since 2012.

Our Team
SAR Nicolas Petrovitch-Njegosh
Altinaï Petrovitch-Njegosh
Boris Petrovitch-Njegosh
Milica Perisic
Milena Pejovic-Erakovic
Project Manager
Nada Sismovic
General secretary
Mladen Miranovic
Special Advisor
Boris Ristovic
Head of Operations
Jovan Poleksic
Jural advisor
Milos Spicanovic
Tanja Pavicevic
Public Relations Manager
Vesna Popovic