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Meeting with Evelyne Adam, founder of Kerterre

Meet the Ambassadors of Resilience.

For more than 25 years, Évelyne Adam has been questioning the positioning of humans in their environment through experimentation. A former piano teacher, she works to build kerterres and to transmit the concepts of these ecological constructions combining discretion and the conscious presence of their inhabitants in the landscape.

Can you tell us about your journey?

I built my first kerterre 25 years ago. I was a piano teacher, giving lessons to adults and children.

The first thing I found was less work, which allowed me to continue my research for the Bonifying Impact. Humans are limited by two main fears: the fear of not eating and the fear of not being housed. Once freed from these two fears, one is freer. Once I understood this, I went hunting for habits and I chose some and not others.

Once started in this process, a new wheel of thought is set in motion, the least pleasant habits have given way to a new abundance: richer weather, a warmer house made of hemp and lime, solar electricity, etc.

The richness of time combined with the enthusiasm to choose one's life, allowed me to create and take action rather than trying to convince at a time when awareness was lower. Thanks to this rediscovered richness of time, daily gestures can become beneficial, we enter into the true wheel of nature. Rediscovering the richness of creative enthusiasm allows this trigger, which is needed to start other automatic processes.
I have changed my way of eating: in the morning I sit on a tree, I feed my nose and ears, then I eat and drink an herbal tea made from plants that I have picked around me rather than coffee from far away.
I feel like I am in a new country: it's exciting, I have to reinvent everything.

Tell us about what you call "positive impact."

The enhancing impact is to consider that I am also a part of nature, but that I have the ability to create that little "extra" to make beauty, the luxury of abundance. I don't put myself outside of society. Some people have put themselves out of society and all have come back, it doesn't work. Instead of putting myself outside, I stayed in the middle and proposed without saying anything, by doing. It's a matter of breathing, showing, proposing, not saying what to do.

The people who attend our training courses today come from all walks of life. I even see a lot of people from my generation, which was unthinkable 25 years ago, faced with a society that did not understand global issues.

We talk a lot about the "world of tomorrow": what world do you dream of?

For those who are just starting out, I don't think you have to try to convince: you just have to do it, that's all. We should not systematically seek the esteem of those who do not understand. Daring to make choices, taking action now, not just debating, making brilliant micro-actuals: this is what leads to what I call not "simplicity", but a great new luxury, with a more creative, exciting life.

I hope that the world of herds will stop and that everyone will affirm their truth, without imposing it. It is difficult, we are very formatted and tend to put people in boxes, but it is possible. Kerterre is a place where different people come together.

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