About us

The Petrović Njegoš Foundation was established in Montenegro after the adoption of the Law on the Status of the Heirs of the Petrović Njegoš Dynasty in July 2011. As Montenegro does not yet have a specific law on foundations, it has been registered in Montenegro as a Non-Governmental Organization.

A bit of history

Montenegro has always been considered one of the poorest countries in the Balkans. Poor because of its size, geography and tormented history.

Nevertheless, it has an exceptional nature that has been protected for generations because of its poverty and which today represents a major asset for its development in the years to come. This is what gives a certain credibility to the first article of its Constitution, which affirms its ecological vocation. The concept of the ecological state, set out in the 1991 constitution, advantageously replaced the bankrupt self-managing socialism. Although the conflict in the former Yugoslavia at the time made this project surreal, it was rather well received in Montenegro and is still a dream both in the country and in the rest of the world.

Montenegrin history and culture are deeply marked by this wilderness which has protected its inhabitants and which they have defended over the past centuries. This symbiosis is constitutive of the soul and the myths of the Montenegrin people. Yesterday, these values seemed outdated for some, utopian for others. Today they are regaining their full meaning at the dawn of what Jeremy Rifkin calls the third economic revolution.

The Petrovich Njegosh Dynasty

Nicolas Petrović Njegoš, an architect in Paris, is the last descendant of the Petrovitch Njegosh dynasty. He was called, as Crown Prince, to return to Montenegro in 1989, on the occasion of the repatriation of the bodies of his ancestors, who had died in exile. Strongly present in the country since his return, he created the Cetinje Biennale during the period of the Yugoslav conflict, and has distinguished himself through his commitment to peace, human rights and culture.

His children, Boris (president and founder of the Rocket Lab Company) and Altinaï (filmmaker), expressed their desire to reconnect with their country of origin by participating in the actions carried out by their father in Montenegro since 1989.

As Friedrich Schumacher proposes with conviction and realism 
Ersnt Friedrich Schumacher in his book Small is beautiful, let us build together a société
 the measure of man.

Prince Nicholas Petrovich Njegosh

The Foundation

The main objectives of the foundation are to participate in the development and promotion of Montenegro through actions and partnerships in the fields of Solidarity, Ecology, Innovation and Culture.

Since the year 2012, it has carried out and supported many actions in Montenegro in these different fields, helping many citizens of Montenegro in difficulty. It has developed projects with Montenegrin institutions and NGOs as well as several European partners.

On the strength of these numerous experiences, the Foundation has the ambition to be a committed partner in the fight against global warming and poverty, as well as for the promotion of the ecological state and rural revitalization in Montenegro but also at the regional and European level.

The Endowment Fund

Created in Lyon in December 2019, the Petrovish Njegosh Endowment Fund for Ecological Transition will strengthen our foundation's actions in France and Europe to preserve the environment and adapt to climate change.

To this end, the Petrovitch Njegosh Endowment Fund participates in financing non-profit organizations in the accomplishment of their missions, notably through Terra Innova, our incubation and acceleration program for public interest ecological transition project leaders. This three-year program with a European vocation allows us to set up a structuring environment and personalized support to ensure the success of each project.