Nikola Tesla Award

The Petrovic Njegos Foundation and the MED21 Program – Network of awards for the promotion of excellence in the Mediterranean have agreed to introduce an International Nikola Tesla Award for the promotion of scientific research and technological creativity in the Mediterranean and throughout the world.

This award was primarily established in the memory of the great physicist and visionary after whom it was named. 
Partners in this project are the Nikola Tesla Museum from Belgrade, University in Zagreb, and the Ministry of Science of Montenegro.

Laureates of this award are selected from amongst individuals or institutions coming from:
– the countries of the northern Mediterranean
– the countries of the southern Mediterranean
– young researchers from one of Balkan countries.
The laureates are selected annually in the seat of the Petrovic Njegos Foundation (it is also possible that the place of the award ceremony may rotate amongst the involved countries – Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia). The first award ceremony took place on the 20th September 2014 in the Krusevac Palace, the seat of the Petrovic Njegos Foundation in Podgorica.


The second edition of the “Nikola Tesla” award for contribution to the development of fundamental and applied physics was organized on 10 October in the ceremonial hall of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. In cooperation with its partners, the Foundation officially delivered the awards to the 2015 laureates.

The laureates for the second edition are Prof. Agnès Barthelemy from France and Prof. Abdelmajid Ainane from Morocco. The special incentive prize was awarded to a young croatian scientist Mr. Mario Vasak.

Following the introduction by the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Prof. Dr. Zoran Jovanovic, the President of the Petrovic Njegos Foundation, Prince Nikola, the President of the MED 21 Program, Prof. Nadir Aziza and the Director of the Nikola Tesla Museum, Dr. Branimir Jovanović addressed the audience. This was also an opportunity to read the letter from Dr. Albert Fert, the 2007 Nobel Prize winner in the field of physics, and member of the Executive Committee of the Tesla Awards, addressed to the 2015 laureates.

The same day, during the morning, there was a conference held in which the laureates presented their research. More information about the laureates and their work can be found in the press statement.


The International Prize Tesla was awarded at the ceremony held on September 20th 2014, in the Montenegrin National Theatre in Podgorica.

The winners for this first edition were: Faouzia Farida Charfi from Tunisia and Philippe Lebrun from France. The awards were presented by H.E. Ms. Sue K. Brown, US Ambassador to Montenegro. Special encouragement awards went to two young scientists: Marko Cvejic from Serbia and Ante Elez from Croatia.

In the category of countries on the Southern Coast of the Mediterranean: Prof. Faouzia Farida Charfi (Tunisia)

For the quality of her scientific work, especially in the area of electromagnetism.
 For her civic fight to include women in science and her fight against obscurantism in science.
 Her recently published book: La Science Voilee, published by Odile Jacob, Paris 2013.

In the category of countries on the Northern Coast of the Mediterranean: Prof. Philippe Lebrun (France)
For his role in the construction of the cryogen system that represents the most delicate part of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the biggest and most powerful particle accelerator in CERN, as well as for his contribution to discoveries related to the “Higgs boson” in 2012. For an exceptional continuity in his work and contribution in the area of magnetism, inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla.

Marko Cvejić, 32 years old (Serbia)
Young physicist finalizing his PhD thesis as a teaching assistant at the University in Belgrade. In his research, he uses optical methods to study characteristics of electrical discharge in gases. He published important articles in six renowned scientific magazines and presented his research in eleven international conferences, and received a prestigious “best poster award” in one of them. This talented young researcher deserves support in a very important moment in his career.

Ante Elez, 35 years old (Croatia)
Young researcher who leads the research group for control of motors and electrical rotational machines at the University in Zagreb. He received important prizes and awards. He published several articles demonstrating the quality of his work.

The ceremony was hosted by the presenter Dijana Golubovic, actor Slobodan Marunovic and guslar Rajko Radovic.
We would like to thank the management of the National Theater and the TV Atlas technical team.

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