Citadel in Ulcinj: Ongoing projet
Citadel in Ulcinj: Ongoing projet

Valorization of the cultural heritage of Montenegro is one of the Foundation’s main objectives. Citadel in Ulcinj is one of the richest cultural heritage monuments in Montenegro.

Cultural heritage workshop

After the round table organized in November 2013 (see text: “A day for cultural heritage”) the Foundation made a preliminary study of the conservation and valorization of Ulcinj Citadel, in collaboration with French architects headed by the chief architect for historical monuments and the President of ICOMOS in France, Mr. Benjamin Mouton.

In May 2014, the Foundation organized a workshop with two architects from the “Ecole de Chaillot” from Paris, Christopher and Stephen Rodolausse Bartholomew, who under the leadership of Benjamin Mouton and with their Montenegrin colleagues, made an urban and architectural study of the old town within its walls.

Before the workshop started, a meeting was organized with the local authorities in the Ulcinj Municipality, in order to prepare the workshop together and to plan future activities.
The presentation of the work and proposals from the workshop is planned for April 2015, after which will follow a round table with key partners. It will be an opportunity for a public debate, that will raise the awareness of residents on the cultural and economic importance of the protection and enhancement of their heritage.