Visit to the Gabrielle Center (Centre de la Gabrielle)
Visit to the Gabrielle Center (Centre de la Gabrielle)

Within our continued cooperation with the Gabrielle Center (Centre de la Gabrielle) from France, we organized a working visit to this institution for the Montenegrin representatives, with the aim to exchange experiences and practical knowledge in the area of caring for the disabled.

Montenegrin Delegation was comprised of the Director of the Directorate for Social Welfare and Child Protection in the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Goran Kuševija, Director of the Special Psychiatric Hospital in Kotor, Mr. Dragan Čabarkapa, Director of the Center for the Elderly in Risan, Mr. Zoran Vukićević, while on the side of the Foundation there were three representatives, Prince Nikola Petrović Njegoš, Ms. Tanja Turquin Spičanović, Vice-President of the Foundation and Ms. Milica Perišić, General Secretary of the Foundation.

During the two-day visit, they had the opportunity to look into the work of all 12 healthcare-social institutions of this Center, organized into 4 departments: for children and adolescents; for adults, socializing and accommodation; work for adults; and a special department for research and partnerships.

The Department for work for adults drew special attention, as it is responsible for ensuring and encouraging inclusion of the disabled through employment. Namely, beneficiaries of this Center have everyday jobs and perform different types of tasks, such as: laundry services, green areas maintenance, packaging, and they receive adequate wages for the work performed.

The visit to this Center ended with a working meeting dedicated to the analysis of possibilities for the organization of the International Conference on Environment and Disability in Montenegro, in 2017, through the partnership between EASPD, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare of Montenegro and the Petrovic Njegos Foundation.

The Gabrielle Center is located 30 km outside of Paris. It was established in 1972 and today, it provides care to 450 children, adolescents and adults with mental disability. The Center itself has workshops, i.e. Ateliers of the Claye Park (Les Ateliers du Parc de Claye). For more information about the Center visit