Agriculture, landscape and economic development "Vrmac"
Agriculture, landscape and economic development "Vrmac"

A workshop “Agriculture, landscape and economic development” was organized in 2012, in Gornja Lastva, Tivat Municipality, in cooperation with the NGO Napredak, Gornja Lastva, NGO Green Home from Podgorica, NGO Expeditio from Kotor, through the project CSE in Heritage – Civil Society Involvement in the Preservation of Architectural Cultural Heritage in the Western Balkans, implemented within the IPA Program supported by the European Commission – support to partner activities implemented by organizations in the field of culture.

Participants in this workshop were students about to graduate from the Ecole Normale Seperieure de Paris, and the Faculty of Mathematics and Bio-Technical Faculty from Podgorica, and the workshop was implemented by professors in the field of biology and ecology and trainers from the partner NGOs.

The aim of this workshop was to use the example of Gornja Lastva village and the wider area of the Vrmac hill to investigate the possibilities and models for restoration and development of agriculture as economic activity, as the instrument for preservation of cultural landscape and protection of space against excessive urbanization and against fire.

The village of Gornja Lastva situated on the Vrmac hill was selected because it was subject to several years of research and analysis of the traditional architecture and the overall ambiance as a part of the common cultural heritage, while the Vrmac hill is defined in the spatial and urban development plan of the Tivat municipality as a nature park, while one part of this hill is part of the world natural and cultural heritage protected by UNESCO. Within this program, there was a panel discussion organized to look into the possibilities for restoration and development of agriculture in the inner part of the Montenegrin coast. Participants in this panel included representatives of the Tivat municipality, Bio-technical institute, Center for Sub-tropic Cultures from Bar, etc.
Based on this analysis, activities within the project “Gornja Lastva” continued in the 2013 program.