Club "Frederic Rossif"

The Foundation initiated the establishment of a francophone club in Cetinje, named “Frederic Rossif” in memory of a French filmmaker born in Cetinje. The club is located in the building of the former French Embassy, which today houses the archives of the National Library of Montenegro.

According to Prince Nikola Petrovic Njegosh “… this club was created to bring back the place that the French culture had in the historic capital of Cetinje at the time of King Nikola. Great artists like Dado or Rossif represent a common heritage for France and Montenegro. This club is here to remind us about that.”

The Petrovic Njegos Foundation implemented this project, in partnership with the Robert Schuman Foundation, the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje and the Central National Library “Djurdje Crnojevic”, with the aim to promote French language and culture through various activities, such as: French language lessons, film projections, and literary evenings dedicated to the French authors, exhibitions and lectures about French art, architecture, etc.architecture, etc.

The Club “Frederic Rossif” regularly organizes free French language lessons for all the interested persons, and accredited professors also give preparatory courses for the exams to obtain DELF and DALF diplomas, issued by the French Ministry of Education issues to confirm the level of knowledge of the French language. The Club also has a library with a relatively good collection of books and magazines in French, which are regularly updated. Besides books, locals have the possibility to take movies, and the Club organizes projections of the famous French movies each Thursday. Besides, as an integral part of its activities, this cultural and educational center organizes creative workshops for children, workshops dedicated to the French cuisine and art, etc. Finally, the Club is the place that marks the Francophone days in Montenegro in many different ways.

Activities of the “Frederic Rossif” French corner can be followed on Facebook: “Francuski Kutak-Zgrada Francuske Ambasade“.

Frédéric Rossif is a French film director, specialized in documentaries, and he was born in Cetinje on 14 August 1922. He is one of the creators of the French television and one of the first great wildlife film directors. He also directed several documentaries, such as “Mourir a Madrid”, “De Nuremberg a Nuremberg”, “Un mur a Jerusalem”, and several art films. He died in Paris on 18 April 1990 and was buried at the Cimetiere du Montparnasse in Paris. The Foundation wants to revive memories of Frederic Rossif and plans to honor him in Cetinje in 2015, by organizing projections of his best-known films.
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