17th International Biennial of Graphics in Sarcelles
17th International Biennial of Graphics in Sarcelles

The 17th International Biennial of Graphics was opened on 21 November 2015 in Sarcelles, nearby Paris. South Korea and Montenegro were the honorary guests of this art event this year. The Mayor of Sarcelles opened the exhibitions in the presence of the Ambassador of South Korea and Prince Nikola Petrovic Njegos.

Montenegro presented itself through three exhibitions, lead by the Commissioner Jean Pierre Tanguy:
– Homage to DADO with approximately thirty graphics by Alen Kontru
– 14 contemporary artists representing different forms of modern art: 
Igor Rakcevic, Djokaj Djeljos, Edward Lesi, Dejan Mirkovic, Slobodan Bobo Slovinic, Blazo Kovacevic, Admir Bambur, Jelena Jovancov, Dimitrije Popovic, Marija Kapisoda, Rajko Todorovic – Todor, Abaz Dizdarevic, Darko Karadzic.
This exhibition was organized with the help of the sculptor Zlatko Glamocak.
– Exhibition of the graphics atelier of the Academy of Arts from Cetinje, of the author Anka Buric and her students, under the auspices of the Petrovic Njegos Foundation.
Exhibition participants: Anka Buric, Natasa Dresix, Milica Jankovic, Luka Mrkaic, Vanja Perovic, Jovana Pestoric, Aleksandar Radevic, Ana Sindik, Milena Vukoslavovic.
– Montenegrin artist Radmila Vesovic, who lives in Paris, participates also in the central exhibition.

The young artists, Luka Mrkaic, was nominated for the award of the “Le Géant des Beaux-Arts” company, distributor of art materials, worth 1.000 Euro. The city of Sarcelles will purchase one of his works of art.