What We Do

The Petrovic Njegos Foundation is a non-profit organization established with an aim to improve and enhance the quality of life of citizens of Montenegro. Since its establishment in 2012, the Foundation supports and develops projects through cooperation with numerous partners from the government and private sector (national and local government administration, Civil Society Organizations, private companies etc.).

The Foundation is directing its actions towards three main fields:
– Solidarity,
– Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, and
– Culture, History and Education.


Through solidarity actions the Foundation helps to find the best model for supporting citizens who need most help. In cooperation with its partners, the Foundation supports humanitarian actions in sectors such as Health Care, Education, Social Policy etc.

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Through its work the Foundation strives to raise environmental awareness among citizens, to contribute to the balance between the ecologic and economic ambient, to achieve greater energy efficiency, Eco development, as well as to promote Montenegro as an Ecological State. In order to protect the environment for future generations the Foundation is supporting various activities from scientific research to promotional activities to concrete cleanup actions.

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The Foundation directs its activities towards the affirmation and promotion of cultural and historical heritage of Montenegro, both in the country and abroad. Through cooperation with cultural and arts organizations, universities and other relevant institutions, the Foundation wants to strengthen the role of culture and education in achieving a higher standard of living in Montenegro. The Foundation is achieving this mission by initiating and implementing different cultural events, by supporting local initiatives in the field of culture, encouraging young artists through funding study visits and tours etc.

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