The Petrovic Njegos Foundation was established in Montenegro after the adoption of the “Law on the Status of Descendants of the Petrovic Njegos Dynasty” in July 2011. As Montenegro does not have a specific Law on Foundations, the Petrovic Njegos Foundation is registered as an NGO.

The Foundation’s work is managed by the Management board with the assistance of the Advisory Council and external consultants. The President of the Foundation is Prince Nikola Petrovic Njegos and the vice president is Mrs. Tanja Turquin Spicanovic.

The main objective of the Foundation is to participate in the development and promotion of Montenegro through actions and partnerships in the field of Solidarity, Ecology and Culture.

Since 2012, the Foundation has implemented numerous activities in these areas, which have earned following awards:

November 2012. “13. November Award” by The Old Royal Capital of Cetinje for realization of actions that are of great importance for the city and its residents.

June 2013. The Foundation received a Special acknowledgement by the Association of Lawyers of Montenegro for its active support to various actions of the Association.

December 2013. Fund for Active Citizenship presented a Special Recognition Award to the President of the Petrovic Njegos Foundation for the contribution to the development of philanthropy – ISKRA.


With great dedication highly qualified members of our team strive to contribute to the work of the Foundation. At the same time, by joining their forces they aim to inspire and build positive change in our community.