Festival "Where I'm Calling From"
Festival "Where I'm Calling From"

Once again the Foundation supported the International Literature Festival “Where I’m Calling” which took place from the 6th to 11th of June 2014 in Podgorica and Cetinje.
The Program of the 6th short story festival was marked by 100th anniversary of the birth of Mihajlo Lalic.
Beside the Petrovic Njegos Foundation, following institutions gave their support to the festival: Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, Capital Podgorica, Embassy of Greece, International Foundation Traduki, Foundation Cano Koprivica and the Company “13. July – Plantaze”.

Festival “Where I’m Calling From” 2013

The Foundation supported the International Festival of Short Stories ‘Where I’m Calling From’, organized by the Karver Bookstore in Podgorica in late June. This was the fifth international festival of short stories, where the works by some thirty authors from Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey were presented.
Literary, film and music program was especially marked by the segment called ‘Karadag Yolunda’ (Trip to Montenegro), in which important Turkish authors were presented.