Eco-actions on the hill Trebjesa
Eco-actions on the hill Trebjesa

In partnership with the Cycling club “Perun”, Niksic Municipality, Horticulture club from Bajice and Montenegrin Olympic Committee, the Foundation organized on Sunday, March 29th a cleanup action in the forest park Trebjesa, a favorite picnic destination of Niksic’s residents.

A large number of citizens and representatives of numerous organizations gathered to clean the area that was covered with low-growing vegetation, and with a large amount of broken branches and trees. This action is also the beginning of everyday work activities on the cycle trail, where on May 10th a mountain bike competition will be organized, which is rated for the National MTB league of Montenegro.

The Horticulture Club will allow the recycling of the collected twigs, and the mineral fertilizer obtained this way will be used for the needs of Hotel Trebjesa and City’s Greenery.

The action was supported by: the Army of Montenegro, volunteers from Red Cross Niksic, Scout squad “Orlovi”, club “Ekstrem” and by sport clubs and persons which are using recreational trails and the open gym on the hill Trebjesa.


After successful completion of cleanup actions in the forest park Trebjesa in March this year, the Foundation, in cooperation with Cycling club “Perun”, the Secretariat for Spatial Planning and Environmental Protection and Horticulture club from Bajice, organized on May 24th a reforestation action called “Trebjesa – small Park with great potential”.

On this occasion 200 pine seedlings, a donation from the Montenegrin Forest Administration, have been planted. NGO Volunteers of Montenegro, Triathlon club “Niksic” and Mountaineers’ club “Kapetan” joined this action which was organized on the occasion of the European Day of Parks.