Evening dedicated to the promotion of the operetta "The Merry Widow"
Evening dedicated to the promotion of the operetta "The Merry Widow"

The Petrovic Njegos Foundation, together with the Ballet School “Princess Ksenia” and Atlas TV has organized on May 5th the first Montenegrin presentation of the operetta “Merry Widow”, by Austrian composer Franz Lehar.

This event gathered, in front of the Petrovic Castle, diplomats and important people from the cultural, media and economic world in order to initiate the realization of Montenegrin production of one of the most played operettas of all times and thus to contribute to the process of valorization of the cultural life in Montenegro.

With his speech Prince Nikola II Petrovic Njegos has symbolically removed the censorship from the operetta whose performance in Montenegro was banned by King Nikola I in 1905. Prince Nikola II pointed out that “The Merry Widow” as a well-known play can be an opportunity for a great promotion of Montenegro on the global cultural scene and that the Montenegrin production of the operetta would be warmly welcomed in the world of music and culture.

Dr Ljubomir Vujovic, the initiator of the project and author of the book “The Merry Widow” addressed the guests as well, while Professor Dr Sonja Marinkovic presented some of the most successful performances of the operetta in the world.

Pianist and Art Director of the KotorArt Festival, Ratimir Martinovic announced the possibility of staging the operetta at the KotorArt and Don Branko’s Music Days in 2015, which according to him would denote a creation of an authentic cultural product which could be presented to the regional and European theater scenes.

Soprano Zorana Latkovic and Austrian pianist Robert Werner performed two arias from the operetta, whereas prima ballerina Inna Ginkevich (Stanislavski Theater, Moscow) and Principal Soloist of the Saint Petersburg ballet Artem Yachmennikov ended the night with a ballet performance choreographed by Aidar Akhmetov, Director of the Vladivostok Theater.