We are Choosing the Leader

In cooperation with the Atlas TV, the Foundation Petrovic Njegos became a sponsor of the 5th  season of the talk show “We are Choosing the Leader” which will air weekly on the Atlas TV during the 2014.

The purpose of this project is to encourage the young educated people activism by giving them an opportunity to express their opinion about the current socio-political issues and to give creative solutions for the challenges the Montenegrin society is facing. In each episode three chosen candidates will present and confront their views on given topics after which a three-member jury will evaluate and choose the best and most convincing speakers.

Prince Nikola II Petrovic Njegos pointed out that this show is an original way to motivate young generations to develop both oratorical and thinking skills. The theme he gave to participants of the first episode was: “which strategy do you propose to solve the Montenegrin paradox which implies that many families are struggling with poverty and hunger, while at the same time 80% of arable land remains unused?

The Petrovic Njegos Foundation will provide awards for the winner and best participants of the show. Also, via SMS service viewers will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite participant, and the funds raised in this way will be donated to charity.

Big final – video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSdxUvaRNVY